South Louisiana.  South Louisiana is the home of great food, music, and the unique culture of Cajuns.   

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Angela Portier has been singing and playing the piano since she was eight years old. She is currently a piano teacher and
sings and plays piano for social events in the South Louisiana area. The loves of her life are her husband and
their two beautiful children.  She recently began writing songs about the life she shares with her family.  Her debut album titled Relax is thoughtful, from the heart, and well written.  All of the songs reflect Angela's strong ties to family values and is guaranteed to move those who feel the same.  She enjoys performing but what she loves most is being able to touch lives through the music she's written.  ...and to quote Angela: "Knowing it all comes from Above, the least I can do is take it and run".

Stay tuned for the release date of Angela Portier's debut CD- Relax!


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