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Crawdiddy is the dynamic musical collaboration of brothers Pershing Wells  and Ken Wells who grew up on Bayou Black, La., deep in South Louisiana's Cajun country. The Wells brothers’ musical influences run from the Grand Ole Opry, Swamp Pop and Cajun to old-time soul, blues and R&B, to the Beatles and contemporary hip-hop.

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Pershing Wells is owner of Digital Sac-a'-Lait Productions based in South Louisiana.  He is a producer currently working on his 21st album.  He released Loveland, his first solo album, in February, 2003.  He has been guitarist and vocalist for many popular South Louisiana bands over the years. He is the producer and recording engineer for the highly acclaimed CD on the Night Train Records label by Swamp Pop legend Joe Barry


Ken Wells is a songwriter and guitar player who set aside his guitar for a number of years to pursue a writing career. He is a features guru for Page One of the Wall Street Journal who, since the year 2000, still has found time to publish three critically acclaimed novels of Cajun Louisiana under the Random House imprint. While he considers South Louisiana his spiritual and musical home, his writing gig keeps him tied to the New York City area. So he writes music and noodles around on his guitar from his residence on the outskirts of Manhattan.


Ken Wells, 212-416-4302

Pershing Wells, 985-209-2229


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