South Louisiana.  South Louisiana is the home of great food, music, and the unique culture of Cajuns.   

Celebrating 16 years on the web in 2012!

Jimmy Rogers is the newest producer of the great artists from Louisiana and Texas,
who have proven over the years to be top selling recording artists. Many of these artists
have topped the Billboard charts with their music.  Jimmy follows in the footsteps of Floyd
Soileau, J.D. Miller, Carol Rachou and other early promoters of the local Louisiana and
Texas original music. Check your music racks for the label "CSP Records" and listen to
some of the great music from our area.

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Graduated from Catholic High in 1965
Graduated from LSU in1969
Lead Guitarist for Ronnie and the Crowns  1962 - 1969
Louisiana Hall of Fame Member  1997
Record Company Owner from 1975 to present

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