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K-Doe got the fever

Heat on the brother's brow

Hang the highest star up from the ceiling

There's fever in Heaven's funkhouse now

From Emperor of the World by Lisa Lowell

Photos of Ernie K-Doe Tribute- August 3, 2001!

February 22, 1936 - July 5, 2001

Antoinette and Ernie K-Doe outside the Mother-In-Law lounge. December, 2000

Photo by Pershing Wells

As a musician and artist you meet many people along the road of life who influence and move you.  For me, one of those people was Ernie K-Doe.   

I'd always known about Ernie K-Doe and spent many years playing his songs.  I finally met him in the mid eighties when he did a gig with the Blued Eyed Soul Revue in Houma, LA.  At the time he was like too many of the once famous 50's and 60's New Orleans R & B stars- down on his luck- and having a difficult time finding work.  Mike Vice, the leader of the band, booked him for a couple of gigs mostly out of reverence for the man.  He eventually booked K-Doe for quite a lot of local shows and all were exciting performances by "Mista MaNaugahide."  K-Doe never forgot those days and to the end remained loyal to Mike and "The Blue Eyed Soul".  He used the band for years at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festival and also on his last two songs "Save the Children" and "White Boy, Black Boy".   

I had the very distinct privilege and honor of playing with the "Emperor of the Universe" at his last gig at Tipitina's in New Orleans.  ...just so happens that Mr. K-Doe and the Blue Eyed Soul Revue donated their time and talent for Charity Hospital... where K-Doe was born...


Ernie K-Doe with the Blue Eyed Soul Revue at the Mother-In-Law Lounge in New Orleans.

September 29, 2000

This photo was taken at the "Mother-In-Law" lounge in New Orleans after a recording session with New Orleans R & B legend Ernie K-Doe and "his band" The Blue Eyed Soul Revue.

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