South Louisiana.  South Louisiana is the home of great food, music, and the unique culture of Cajuns.   

Celebrating 16 years on the web in 2012!

GoodStuff consists of 3 members - Bass guitar, guitar, keyboard, drums, sax
and lead vocalist.  The band plays a wide variety of music from rock to
swing to jazz to country to swamp pop to oldies and
then some.  This is also a band with lots of experience.  

The group consists of:

Timmy Wells - Guitarist and singer - Timmy has worked with Southwind,
Mo Betta, and also did a tour gig with Bill Haley and
the Comets

Paul Walther - Bassist and singer - Leader of
the group South for over 20 yrs, also worked a great
deal in the French Quarter. 

Bill Haden - Sax - Bill has worked with the Nobles in the early
60's & 70's, 23 yrs with Burgundy, then with a trio
called Legacy until joining GoodStuff.

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