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Loveland is the first solo release for guitarist, producer, arranger Pershing Wells.  This is also the first release on the new Digital Sac-a-Lait™ record label formed by brothers Ken and Pershing (more to come about this at a later date).  The album includes eight songs.  All but one (a Beatles song "In My Life" from the classic Rubber Soul album) are original compositions.  Most songs were written in the period between 1989 and 1995 while chief engineer at Appletracks Recording Studio in Houma, Louisiana.   It took three months of non-stop work, dedication, and Love to complete this project.  The album is in the genre of Adult Contemporary/Jazz/New Age with an edge of funk in the mix.  There are two tracks featuring vocal performance and the remaining six are instrumental.   Background vocals are performed by popular New York singer Lisa Lowell.  Bass guitar on two of the tracks is played by Tim Dusenbery, a  great singer, songwriter and friend.

Art work by Suzzette Robichaux Dupre

What listeners are saying:

"Loveland, the new CD from Louisiana guitar phenom Pershing Wells, is a welcome addition to my collection.  I certainly recommend it to all who love tastefully played guitar music, especially those who appreciate work from an artist who understands the stings of the heart."  W. N., California 

"Wow... I was entranced...  Pershing seems to have mastered the use of recording equipment to obtain impressive results."  R. F., Louisiana

"I'm not a musician, I just love music.  Pershing's "Loveland" does what music should do.  It touches your heart and mind.  It has become one of my favorite CD's."  J. K., Indiana

"We wake up every morning listening to it.  This CD really grows on you. Definitely a great work of art."
J C., Louisiana

"Loveland is wonderfully executed. Through thought, talent, discipline, experience evolves an artistic creation that's long overdue. The songs are thoroughly enjoyable, "Cool Hip Thang", making the feet want to dance! Bravo Pershing. Always knew, from long ago, you had it in you. To collectors of music.....a must have it addition."  S. D., Florida

"...Love it! Listened with friends and family, in various settings... Everyone seemed surprised at the level of talent, sophistication and polish that was evident in the recording. (Everyone but me, of course. I expected it.)  I plan to order a few more copies..."  J. A., Louisiana

"Love the CD,, my best to you.."  N. S., New York

"I really love the CD!  Your compositions make great listening! ..."In My Life" has always been one of my favorite songs, and I'm glad you included it!  Can't wait for future offerings!"   J. S., Mississippi

"'Extraordinary' is absolutely awesome.  I LOVE IT!"  L. C., Tennessee

"I truly think it's wonderful... ...Great guitar work... seems to me, that the album contains sounds which could be the soundtrack of someone's life. Perhaps yours?"  S. C., New Orleans 

to the above question... Yes. P.W.

" your music.  Lot's of heart and soul..."  P. F., New York, New York

"...I absolutely love "Loveland" it's awesome.......Tuna Fishing and 'Calypso moon, ...they're all good..."  E. F., South Carolina

"Great tunes Pershing. Keep it up..."  T. T., Wisconsin

"The album is excellent...  ...great riding music..."  R. T., Louisiana

"Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece...  I shall listen to it often and treasure it always..."  Minnesota

"I got it yesterday... ...sounds great.  I’ll definitely spread the word for you and let some friends hear your music.  Congratulations, the hard work has paid off in my opinion."  M. N., Louisiana

"We do like it very much.  We play it very often, usually in the evening after the hard day at work."  M. F., Chicago, Illinois

"Hey man, I listened to your CD.  Beautiful...  Lord that's pretty.  Pretty music, pretty songs... I enjoyed it and will over and over again"  J. B., Cut Off, Louisiana

"I listened to the first 4 tunes on your CD this morning and was blown away... man such a beautiful work man.  Its fabulous music.  You are surely a talented dude.  Its so fresh and just downright damn good".   K. C. , Lafayette, Louisiana

"There is not a bad song in the bunch.  I especially like "Extraordinary" and "Loveland".  "Extraordinary" calls my spiritual side.  I especially love the words.  They really make you stop and think "Why am I here?"  "Loveland" transports you to another time and place.  You can let your imagination run wild. I think you are very talented and am looking forward to hearing more from you".  K.G., Louisiana

"We listened to the album on our tour bus while crossing upstate New York.  Everyone enjoyed it.  Nicely written and recorded."  L. F., Irvine, California

"I was hooked from the moment I started listening to the uplifting, upbeat tropical sounds of 'Serenade of the Calypso Moon' all the way through the deeply passionate lyrics of 'Extraordinary' and 'In My Life.'  Loveland now travels with me where ever I go.  Pershing Wells is a highly creative artist who not only reveals his versatility in his first solo project, but also speaks intimately to the listener with his innate ability to reach beyond the heart into the pure depths of the soul. Grammy material, for sure!"  C. P., Louisiana

"Talented and soulful...Pershing Wells turns out a fresh and truly enchanting album. A true essence of genius...done with heart and soul....I feel the love..."  S. B., California

"Talk about an EXTRAORDINARY, COOL HIP THANG' to be listening to you... I going to have a great day...........I am getting 3 more copies, today, for my friends.......... ...LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT...  B. M., Louisiana

"Wells is extremely talented on his instrument, making it sing with crystalline clarity that is pure, sweet and easy on the ears". Offbeat Magazine, New Orleans (August, 2003)


"I love the album, ...  I will enjoy it often."  S. P., Portland, OR




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