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Papa J Hammond "Party God"

What do you get when you mix Louisiana Hot Sauce with Southern California sunshine?

You get Papa J. Hammond.

Papa J. Hammond, AKA Joe Nelson, has been playing Rock and Roll since about 10 minutes after Fats Domino invented the stuff. Growing up in Southern California ĎPopí, as he is known to his close cool friends, cut his teeth on the Rhythm and Blues of the late 50ís and 60ís.

Now living in paradise, Salida, Colorado, Papa J. is an icon of the cool days of Rock and Roll. He has brought the experience of the years to his latest album "Party God".

Papa J. will be the first to let you know that he has a "spiritual connection" with South Louisiana and New Orleans. As he puts it, "New Orleans is the Mecca of Rock and Roll."

He practices what he preaches. Heís been to Jazz Fest countless times. Heís been to Mardi Gras and was featured as guest artist by one of the high profile carnival krewes.

He also co-wrote "Throw Me Somethiní Mister", a soon to be Mardi Gras classic, with Pulitzer Prize nominee Ken Wells.

 If youíre ever in Salida take a walk over to the Victoria Saloon. Ask Peter about Papa J. Peter will let you know how soulful Pop is.

Itís worth the trip.


Party God

Too Long Legs

Three Time Loser

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, Joy

Built for Love

One Thang

Zombi Lover

Do Wah Ditty

Like a River

I Takes my Swill with Me


Papa J. Hammond, Morgan Childe, Woody Nelson, Ron Wesley, Eric Cunningham, Jeanne Kuhn, Tom Mallary, Stewart Pappenfort, Paul Benko.

Produced by Papa J. Hammond

Recorded at Innovative Sound, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Engineered by Kevin Doyle

Cover Art by Andy Burns

Photography by Ron Slaughter

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