South Louisiana.  South Louisiana is the home of great food, music, and the unique culture of Cajuns.   

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The Wells Brothers

Bill Wells

Bill bought the first guitar in the family sometime in the early-mid 60's.  I picked it up the most and it definitely changed my life.  Bill owned Appletracks Recording Studio where a lot of the artists on this site recorded.  Bill is an excellent songwriter and producer.  Produced the Original Test CD which is a tool to optimize your stereo system.

Ken Wells

Like my other brothers Ken didn't pursue a musical career.  He got a degree in journalism and went on to a cool career writing for newspapers and now has a book being published by Random House entitled "Meely LaBauve".  Ken is also a great songwriter.

Chris Wells

Chris is the only brother to record an album of his original songs.  The album "Rooms With Color" is featured here.  Chris currently plays in a band called Rooms With Color.  He was also band leader of the Reverbs.  "Rooms With Color" testifies to his great strength as a songwriter/guitarist/producer.

Bob Wells

The youngest brother Bob is a multi-talented guy.  He's a great guitarist and songwriter.  Also plays a mighty mean harmonica.  He's played in numerous bands in the South Louisiana area.  One of his original songs can be found on the "Original Test CD" which was produced by brother Bill.



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